About Us


Oak Tree Films is an independent film company producing dynamic, engaging films that tell great stories.


We are seeking producers and partners to collaborate on our slate of features.


After doing several super 8mm and DV films, we have produced two shorts on super 16mm.  


Graham Williams was born and raised in South Wales near the end of last millennium. Surrounded by natural storytellers in a country brim full of myths and legends, he developed the skills needed to craft those stories through the medium of film, firstly in Manchester, where he met David, then in Nottingham and then London, where he now resides.


Graham co-wrote and co-directed Turner's War, which was shot on 16mm in a replica World War I trench built specially for the film.

Along with bringing Oak Tree Films to London, Graham has focussed on writing feature length films.

David Maddison was born and lives in Manchester.  He has always had a passion for film and storytelling, both writing and directing.

He has worked extensively with Graham in most formats including digital and super 16mm.

His script for the short film "I Love You" won the screenwriting award at the Moondance Film Festival.  His script for the short film "My Mum Is Sleeping" was shortlisted in the Ideastap national short film fund competition.

David is also a qualified lawyer and is currently undertaking a Postgraduate Diploma in Media and Entertainment Law at the London Metropolitan University.