Turner's War


Based on true events in England, 1913.


One year before his assassination, while staying with the 6th Duke of Portland, Archduke Franz Ferdinand was nearly killed in a shooting accident when a servant slipped and fired both barrels of a shotgun at him.  At the time everyone thought it was a great stroke of luck that he survived.


What nobody could foresee was that a year later the Archduke would be murdered in Sarajevo - an act that triggered World War I.


This film imagines what that servant may have felt if he ended up in the trenches and asks: 


Did one man's good fortune cost the lives of millions?







Super 16mm.  8 mins.

I Love You.


This heartfelt, charming short film tells the tale of a 15 year old boy who overcomes his inhibitions - with a little help from mum and dad - and pushes himself to go on a date; the date being his first meeting with his natural mother who had to put him up for adoption as a baby.


I Love You is currently in post-production.




Super 16mm.  8 mins.