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Mitchell Creative Alliance Award 2023:
What You Don't Know About Villanova

Oak Tree Films is co-sponsoring the Mitchell Creative Alliance Award 2023 with Darla Woolf, in honor of her parents, Richard and Sylvia Mitchell. Learn more about the Mitchell Creative Alliance Award 2023 below. We are excited to see the work you will create!

What You Don't Know About Villanova


To inspire students to work together across colleges and combine creativity with business skills to create a short film that highlights lesser-known positive aspects of the Villanova community.

The contest will judge a short film with all work products including the script, production schedule budget, and the effectiveness of its social media marketing plan and active campaign.

Topic: What You Don't Know About Villanova

The film should emphasize unsung hero(es) or programs from the past or present that highlight and emphasize Villanova's commitment to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion and the value this perspective brings to the Villanova community.

Submission Details 

  1. Short film shot using any digital medium (duration 10 minutes or less);

  2. Pre-production plan (shot list, script, outline), Production Plan including budget and Marketing plan;

  3. Social media outreach strategy and effectiveness.

Please submit entries for the film contest here.

Student Participation Rules

  1. Full and part-time students are eligible to participate.

  2. Students must participate in teams of 3-5 people.

  3. Teams must include at least one student from VSB and one from CLAS.

  4. Each team must have a faculty advisor.

  5. Students can use the Villanova film resources and get help from any faculty or alumni resources to help create the most creative and informative product possible.

  6. Students can sign up and are encouraged to register their ideas in advance.

Film Contest Logistics

Timeline for the Mitchell Creative Alliance Award 2023:

August 2022–February 2023


$1500 for the winning package (film and collateral)

$500 for the most effective social media campaign

$500 for the most creative film as voted by Villanova students


Three prominent Villanova alumni that is to be announced.


Participating teams will receive feedback on their submissions from Hezekiah Lewis III, M.F.A, Executive Producer for Oak Tree Films and Professor for the Social Justice Documentary course at Villanova University, and Dr. Terry Nance, Ph.D., Vice President for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion and Chief Diversity Officer at Villanova University.

Any questions or concerns? Please contact Hezekiah Lewis at

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