Angels in the Snow

"A promise means nothing until it is delivered"


This is the story of a father who dies one day having promised his young daughter that when he came home from work they would make angels in the snow.  Years later he returns as a guardian angel, sent to save a person from their fate.  However he slowly realises that this may be his one opportunity to fulfill the promise he made to his daughter.

Love Waits

"Because true love waits."


In World War II a Jewish refugee boy is evacuated to the English countryside where he meets a young girl who changes his life.  Told in flashback at the end of their lives, the film tells the tale of how their love was thwarted by circumstance and their own personalities.

These Streets

"Crime pays, if you pay the right people"


An undercover cop gets drawn in to a plot to murder the leader of the gang he is infiltrating.